Our mission is to maximize the cognitive, physical and emotional awareness of children by facilitating their development through age appropriate teaching and socialization techniques.

Wonder World Academy

Wonder World Academy is a place where a child will receive the knowledge and skills he/she needs for successful development.
The childcare employs experienced and qualified teachers who help children develop in various directions.
Particular attention is paid to the development of intellectual abilities.
Modern teaching methods are used to allow children to quickly acquire new knowledge.
The Wonder World Academy has all the necessary materials and equipment for activities that help develop memory, attention, logical thinking, and creativity.
Our main priority is working with children. We create comfortable conditions for their learning, development and self-realization.
The center’s specialists are attentive to the needs of each child, allowing them to reach their individual potential.
Our mission is to help children not only study successfully, but also develop their creative abilities, as well as develop their personal qualities: independence, responsibility, communication skills and life competence.
We create a supportive and stimulating educational environment in which every child can discover their abilities and achieve personal and academic success.
Join the Wonder World Academy and help your child become a successful and conscious individual, ready for the challenges of the future.

Kids nutrition is very important

Why is proper nutrition important for children? Proper nutrition is an important element for the full development of a child. When consuming natural products, the baby receives: daily energy boost; good mood; supply of vitamins and minerals; gradual and proportional growth and development. We adhere to the principles of proper nutrition: a balanced menu, products must be combined with each other; a large amount of vegetables and fruits in the diet; minimum amount of bread, pastries; Drinking purified water regularly throughout the day; sufficient energy value of products, ready meals; variety on the menu. In our childcare center, all the needs of the child’s body are taken into account. Based on this, we create a daily menu. Cooking methods include baking or steaming.! For children prone to food allergies, the center has a separate menu, developed on the basis of medical indications and recommendations. We provide individual nutrition for children intolerant to lactose and other components.

If you care about the health of your child - World of Wonders Academy will be the best solution for you!


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